Ellison Attacks Mulvaney for Lack of Transparency Due to Frosted Windows

April 11, 2018

Rep. Keith Ellison (D., Minn.) used his questioning time at a House Financial Services Committee hearing Wednesday to confront acting CFPB head Mick Mulvaney for frosted glass on 13 offices at the agency.

Ellison took issue with how the opaque windows blocked people from looking into Mulvaney's office.

"When you got to the CFPB, was the glass clear in your office?" Ellison asked Mulvaney.

"Yes sir," Mulvaney said.

Ellison then put up an image of Mulvaney's office to the room, pointing out that the new windows are frosted.

"So when somebody walks by your office, they're obscured from seeing what you're doing," Ellison asked.

"Uh, yeah. They are," Mulvaney said. "That's the whole point."

"Yet you are the champion of transparency, right?" Ellison asked, before reading quotes where Mulvaney said he cares about transparency.

"And yet you have obscured yourself physically! And I find that to be ironic, sir," Ellison said.

Ellison then asked Mulvaney how much the renovation cost, and he said 13 offices received frosted glass, costing a total of $3500.

Mulvaney explained that the renovation was part of former CFPB Director Richard Cordray's design for the office, but Ellison shot back.

"Yeah, yeah, and yet you're the one who did it, not Mr. Cordray," Ellison replied. "And he'd been there for quite a while."

Mulvaney then asked Ellison if his door was transparent.

"I'm not a witness today. You are," Ellison replied.

"I've been to your office," Mulvaney said. "I can't see into it."

Ellison continued to lambast Mulvaney for his windows, and even said his office at CFPB is one he "shouldn't even hold right now." Ellison is one of several Democrats maintaining, contrary to a court ruling, that President Donald Trump illegally appointed Mulvaney.

Ellison continued with this attack on Twitter later on Wednesday, asking "How is that transparent?"

Ellison also sent out a press release about the frosted glass, asking whether Mulvaney has created an "appearance of impropriety" at the bureau. Ellison is seeking more information about the office renovation.