FASHION ALERT: Kamala's Stepdaughter Ella Emhoff Has a Mullet

Hunter Biden 2.0 gloms on to (somewhat) recent trend in quest to cash in on VP connections

June 3, 2021

In addition to speaking truth to power and afflicting the comfortable celebs who don't think municipal parking regulations should apply to them, the Washington Free Beacon is dedicated to providing relentless coverage of the intersection of politics and fashion.

For this reason, we are obliged to inform you that Ella Emhoff, stepdaughter of Vice President Kamala Harris, has a mullet. "[T]he Mullet Returns," Vogue magazine declared in an article published Wednesday. Emhoff, who has followed in Hunter Biden's footsteps by cashing in on her vice presidential family connections, posed for the feature image in a Hedi Slimane cardigan and Gucci glasses, styled by Masami Hosono. Politico featured the story in its "Playbook" newsletter.

According to Vogue, the mullet is "fast becoming a symbol for this post­apocalyptic era and its promise for rebirth," although some fashion-forward fraternities have been honoring the hairstyle for years. Like her stepmother, aka "Momala," whose notoriously vacuous political ideology was on full display during her disastrous 2020 primary campaign, Ella Emhoff knows how to follow a trend.

Emhoff's version of the classic hairstyle is described as "high and tight" and "helmet-like." She crafted it herself during the pandemic while quarantining at her home in Bushwick, the most aggravatingly hipster enclave of Brooklyn.

"I feel like in the past, the mullet was deemed unattractive and kind of odd, and I'm really drawn to that almost ugly-chic look," said Emhoff, whose foray into the fashion industry has been hailed as a groundbreaking achievement of inclusive diversity. (Indeed, there is something quite revolutionary about a rich, white, well-connected, tall, and thin woman finding success at such a young age.)

Emhoff, 22, might lack experience, but that doesn't mean she can't speak eloquently about what the mullet's comeback might mean for the future of fashion, society at large, and (dare we say it) democracy itself. "The more you have this style, the more you want to push the limits of how mullet-y you can get it," she said, profoundly.

Hosono, who runs a gender-neutral hair salon in the East Village, gave Emhoff's mullet a fashionable makeover for the Vogue article, refining its "square shape" to make it "more jellyfish-looking."

The Free Beacon will continue to monitor this developing story. Stay tuned!