Donald Trump Is Facing Scrutiny for Tweets He Hasn’t Sent Yet


President Donald Trump might soon face scrutiny based on hypothetical tweets he hasn't even sent yet.

"Will Trump bungle first big snow threat like Obama did?" senior White House reporter for Politico Darren Samuelsohn wondered in an article on Monday. Samuelsohn noted that Obama sparked a mini-controversy by complaining early in his first term that Washington, D.C. shuts down completely for even a small amount of snow.

Samuelsohn then worried that Trump might send insensitive tweets about the upcoming winter storm.

"Some of Trump’s critics are already bracing for Trump to mangle something with the storm, possibly through his Twitter feed," he reported.

"I’m never going to rule out Donald Trump making a controversy about something that doesn’t need to be," former Democratic National Committee spokesman Michael Czin said.

The piece further wondered whether the government response to the storm might suffer with Trump in the White House.

"Back in 2015, Trump told the Boston Globe he was no fan of using salt to prepare for storms and even explained why he had banned it across his company because it was ‘devastating' to steel, concrete and asphalt," Samuelsohn wrote.

The White House did not respond to Politico's request for comment on whether the Trump Organization's snow policy would follow through to the federal government.