DNC Unity Commission Member Praises RNC’s ‘Professional’ Management: ‘We Are Constantly Beat by These Guys’


Democratic National Committee "unity commission" member Elaine Kamarck on Friday compared the DNC's management unfavorably to that of the Republican National Committee, saying the RNC's staffing is more professional and "we are constantly beat by these guys."

"I hate to admit this, but there's a lot of scholarship backing this up," she said at the meeting in Washington, D.C. "The management of the Republican National Committee has differed substantially from the management of the Democratic National Committee. There has been less funny business. It is more of a professional staff. They control their vendors. They put limits—I mean it's just embarrassing that I have to say this, and as a consequence, all I will do is refer you to all those silly news stories in September of 2016 that said, ‘Oh, Hillary Clinton has 77 field offices in Pennsylvania and Donald Trump only has two.' Well, Donald Trump didn't need 77 because he had a fully-fledged, very professional Republican Party that has been operating for decades now.

"We are constantly beat by these guys. We need experience. We need a professional staff. We need as Jim has said, we need to stop the funny business with the money. And as Nomiki has said, I don't think your proposal is going to do that, Jim. But I just want to congratulate you on identifying it."

The unity commission met Friday and Saturday to discuss enacting reforms for the party in the wake of a disastrous 2016 election cycle, chief among them reducing the role of superdelegates in the nominating process.

The commission was interrupted by protesters on Friday, who called the process tainted.

Hillary Clinton trashed the DNC as "bankrupt" with "mediocre to poor" data upon her winning the party's nomination last year.

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