Perez: High School Students Marching Against Gun Violence, Female Resistance Activists Lead Democratic Party

March 14, 2018

Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez on Wednesday dodged a question about who the "leader of the Democratic Party" is by saying there were "many leaders," including the high school students marching against gun violence and women leading the resistance movement against President Donald Trump.

Fox News host Bret Baier asked Perez to name the leader of the Democratic Party, prompting Perez to list several groups of people, but never naming any specific leaders.

"I think there are many leaders in the Democratic Party. I think those young people today who were marching all over this country are incredible leaders," Perez said. "I think women who have been leading the resistance have been remarkable leaders and I think there are mayors, governors, folks here in Congress. That's why I'm so excited about where we are going. Those folks are leading."

Thousands of students across the United States participated in nationally organized walkouts Wednesday, 10 days ahead of the march on Washington organized by survivors of the Feb. 14 high school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

This is not the first time Perez has dodged the Democratic leadership question. Last June, Perez said the leader of the Democratic Party was the "millions of people who marched on January 21 led by women," referring to the initial Women's March.

Perez is also not the only Democrat who has dodged the question about party leadership, as several top Democrats have given generalized responses and not provided a specific name.