DNC Chair: Biden’s Wins Show We’re a 50-State Party

March 3, 2020

Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez said Joe Biden's primary victories in two states called early Tuesday means the Democrats are a "50-state party."

After MSNBC reported Biden had won Virginia and North Carolina, anchor Rachel Maddow asked whether Biden's "incredible strength in southern states" helps the Democrats' "ability to compete in states like that" against President Donald Trump.

"One thing, Rachel, that I'm most proud of in the three-plus years I've been on the job is that we've become a 50-state party again," Perez said.

"We're organizing everywhere, and I think Democrats can win everywhere," he added.

Perez pointed to states like Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and Arizona as examples of states the party will focus on in 2020. President Donald Trump won all five states in 2016.

Biden is projected as the winner of the Alabama, North Carolina, and Virginia Democratic primaries.