Dictatorship of the Muslim Proletariat

Cornyn says Egypt ‘trying to create a new Islamic dictatorship’ in address to AIPAC

A group of senators led by Sen. John Coryn has asked the president to withdraw Chuck Hagel's nomination. (AP)
March 3, 2013

Sen. John Cornyn (R., Texas) condemned Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood on Sunday evening for "trying to create a new Islamic dictatorship" in the Middle East.

"The Muslim Brotherhood president in Egypt is trying to create a new Islamic dictatorship," Cornyn said during a speech before thousands of delegates at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s 2013 policy conference.

Cornyn’s comments echo the concerns of lawmakers and Middle East observers who view the Muslim Brotherhood’s power grab in Egypt with concern.

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has cracked down on anti-government protestors in recent weeks.

Cornyn also condemned America’s failure to provide Israel with much-needed fighter jets.

"I’m so disappointed our delivery of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter keeps getting delayed," Cornyn said. "The F-35s are remarkable sophisticated aircraft that will dramatically enhance Israel’s security."

Israel signed a $3 billion deal to purchase 20 fighter jets, which are supposed to be delivered by 2015. Recent reports have indicated that the shipment could be delayed, though Israeli officials have disputed this claim.

Cornyn also had tough words for Iran.

"If Iran goes nuclear it could be the ultimate game ender for the Middle East," Cornyn said. "If you think about how dangerous the region is now just wait till Iran triggers a nuclear arms race" or "annexes Iraq."

Stopping the Iranian pursuit of nuclear weapons is not optional," Cornyn said.  "Even without nuclear weapons the Iranian regime has orchestrated numerous assassinations on foreign soil."

The Iranian government, which is reported to have recently ramped up its nuclear program, has shown it is "not content to be a rational state actor," Cornyn said.

"Our only hope for a peaceful resolution of the Iranian nuclear crisis is to combine crippling sanctions with the credible threat of military action—the key word in that sentence is credible," he added.