Democrats, Media Repeatedly Call Trump ‘Un-American’

CNN anchor Bill Weir lectured Donald Trump Jr. and Republicans on Wednesday about the importance of disagreement and debate, saying people should be "weary of those who throw around ‘un-American.'"

Yet, for members of the liberal media and Democrats, "un-American" has been a favorite descriptor often applied to Republicans when they disagree.

Weir was responding to Trump Jr's comments on Tuesday when the president's son told a gathering of conservative activists in West Palm Beach, Fla. that there are "people at the highest levels of government that don't want to let America be America."

Weir criticized Trump for his description of those he disagrees with.

"What makes Americans, Americans are these discussions–hopefully respectful disagreements when it comes to policy–[being] allowed to protest, allowed to hold truth to power, so be weary of those who throw around ‘un-American,'" Weir said.

Congressional Democrats, Republican opponents, and members of the liberal media have called President Donald Trump and his administration's policies "Un-American" dozens of times for his travel ban and immigration policies.

"It is un-American. It is the talk of an autocrat, not the talk of a western Democratic leader," CNN host Brian Stelter said.

"Bring the people together to organize to put pressure on the administration and on the Congress not to go through with those policies which are so so un-American," Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) said.

Democratic Rep. Ruben Kihuen (Nev.) said Trump's policies were some of the "most un-American actions" he has ever seen from an American president.

A number of other Democratic lawmakers and liberal pundits have referred to Trump, Republicans, and their policies as "distressing," "offensive," "cruel," and "hurtful" in addition to being "un-American."