Dem Rep Compares Trump to 'Terrorist' in Border Wall Negotiations

January 17, 2019

Democratic Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (Pa.) said Tuesday that, for Democrats, trying to come to an agreement with President Donald Trump over a budget for a southern border wall is "like negotiating with a terrorist."

Houlahan's comment came during a town hall meeting in Chester County in response to a question regarding Democrats strategies for possibly compromising with Trump on border wall funding.

"I hear you, I'd like to see an actual compromise," Houlahan said. "I'd like to see something where we take that $5 billion and use it for actual things that would actually secure the border as opposed to a visually pleasing idea for us. I am willing to compromise, but I am not sure I'm willing to throw $5 billion away—because it feels a little bit like negotiating with a terrorist."

Houlahan is not the only Democrat to compare Trump to a terrorist in the border wall negotiations. Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono and Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin both accused Trump of "taking the American people hostage" last Friday.

The standoff over border wall funding has resulted in a partial government shutdown that is now in its 27th day. Trump has said he will not sign any bill that does not include funding for border security, to include funding for a wall, or at least, a physical barrier of some form. Democratic leaders like Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) have remained adamantly opposed to funding a border wall.