Cruz: Obama Did Not Propose a Single Spending Cut

GOP Sen: Obama's claim to not raise debt one dime was correct; he'll raise it by trillions

Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Tex.) slammed President Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday, stating he did not propose a single spending cut in his speech and that every one of his proposals expanded government and killed private sector jobs.

Cruz took issue with Obama's promise that nothing he proposed in his speech would raise the debt by a dime.

"I'll actually suggest that promise is one of the true things he said," Cruz said. "He said nothing he would propose tonight would increase the debt by one single dime. He's right. What he proposed tonight would increase the debt by over a trillion dollars, which he's done every single year he's been president. When he became president, the national debt was $10 trillion. Today, it's $16.5 trillion, and tonight, he did not propose even a single spending cut in anything."