Cotton Fires Back at Pryor

Cotton: The Last Thing I Learned in the Military Was To Have a 'Sense of Entitlement'

Arkansas Senate hopeful Rep. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) discussed the controversial remarks by Sen. Mark Pryor (D., Ark.) about Cotton's military service and what their campaign is really about Tuesday on Fox News.

After Pryor said that Cotton's time as a soldier gave him "a sense of entitlement," Cotton released a humorous ad featuring his former drill sergeant discussing his military service and how its principles of accountability and humility have stuck with him.

Cotton said Pryor had not walked back or apologized for the remarks.

"I found it curious when Senator Pryor said I had a sense of entitlement about my military service, and it made me think back to basic training and Drill Sergeant Norton," Cotton said. "The last thing he taught us was certainly to have a sense of entitlement. He taught us things like accountability and humility, putting your buddy and putting the unit ahead of yourself. Frankly, if we had more people who reflected those values in the Congress, Congress would be a little more respected, since Congress is the least respected institution in the country and our military is one of our most respected institutions."

Cotton also said he found Pryor's remarks about supporting Obamacare despite its well-documented failures another sign of why the state is ready for a change.

"We're trying to reflect basic Arkansas values like hard work, responsibility, personal initiative and looking after one's own," he said. "This race is about Mark Pryor's unrelenting support for Barack Obama and his agenda."