Continetti: Middle Ground on Impeachment ‘Doesn’t Exist’

Washington Free Beacon founding editor Matthew Continetti on Friday said that for Senate Republicans, a middle ground on impeachment "doesn't exist."

Continetti said on MSNBC's Meet the Press Daily that President Donald Trump "forced" Senate Republicans to make a decision about whether to support him or publicly side with Democrats.

"They're left kind of in a position where they have to choose," Continetti said. "This is the choice that Donald Trump forces on every Republican. It's the same choice he forced in 2016."

Continetti explained that Republicans' "safer bet" in 2016 was to support Trump, since attempting to remain neutral would win a GOP lawmaker few friends.

"The critics are still going to be against you, and the Republican base will be against you," Continetti said.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) announced she was opening a formal impeachment inquiry into Trump in September, but the House has yet to put impeachment to a vote.