Continetti: I'm Waiting for Anthony Weiner to Join the Race

Washington Free Beacon editor in chief Matthew Continetti remarked at how many Democratic candidates were running for president and joked that he expected Anthony Weiner to join the race.

Speaking with Bret Baier on Fox News's Special Report Tuesday, Continetti explained the peculiarity of the current state of the Democratic primary.

"I'm struck at this field," he said. "It is clearly the largest primary in my lifetime, I think in American history."

Yet, despite the breadth of the field, Continetti explained it lacked serious depth. He pointed to the latest to enter the field, Montana Governor Steve Bullock (D.).

"You would have trouble picking out these Democrats from a lineup," he said. "Bullock, for example. No one knows who he is, and yet something compels them to run for president."

Baier asked what might be prompting the field to continue growing. Currently, former Vice President Joe Biden has a comfortable lead, yet the number of candidates continues to grow.

Continetti explained that much of it stemmed from "brand enhancement," not a real expectation of victory.

"I think it's the chance of maybe landing a cable news contract," he said.

"Or secretary of something," Baier suggested.

"Or a cabinet post," Continetti concurred.

Continetti joked that he was expecting disgraced former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner to join the fray.

"I am waiting for Anthony Weiner to join the race now," Continetti said, drawing laughter from the rest of the panel. "He's a free man. He has experience. He has more name I.D. than many of the other candidates."

Baier wanted to know how many of the dozens of candidates would stay in the race through the Iowa caucuses later this year.

"Thirteen," Continetti predicted.