Congress Trolls Chinese Embassy

Wants to rename street in front of Chinese Embassy after imprisoned Chinese dissident

Rep. Frank Wolf (R., Va.) / AP

Congress is taking steps to rename the street in front of the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C., after a Chinese dissident currently imprisoned by the Communist regime.

House appropriators on Tuesday approved a measure that would order the State Department to rename a portion of the street that runs in front of the Chinese Embassy after Dr. Liu Xiaobo, a 2010 Nobel Peace Prize recipient who is being imprisoned by the Chinese government.

The measure, initiated by Rep. Frank Wolf (R., Va.), also has received the backing of local D.C. councils.

Wolf spearheaded the initiative "after learning that the street is owned by the federal government and not the District of Columbia," according to a press release.

"The amendment directs the secretary of state to officially rename the section of International Place that runs directly in front of the Chinese Embassy ‘Liu Xiaobo Plaza’ and post accompanying street signs," according to the release.

The renaming would also mean that all mail addressed to the embassy would bear Xiaobo’s name.

"For purposes of U.S. Postal code, the embassy’s address would change to No. 1 Liu Xiaobo Plaza so that every piece of incoming mail to the embassy would bear the name of the imprisoned Nobel laureate," according to the release.

The Washington Free Beacon’s Truth Monkey praised the move in public comments, describing it as a "skilled bit of trolling on Wolf’s behalf."

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