CNN Panel Hits Tom Perez for His Rhetoric Turning People Off

April 24, 2017

A panel on CNN hit Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez on Monday for turning people off from the Democratic Party with his salty rhetoric.

After playing some clips of Perez swearing at rallies, host Kate Bolduan mentioned when he swore heavily while a young child stood behind him.

"There's one video that's out there we didn't include there, where there is a small child standing right behind him when he is using his kind of nonfiltered version of his speech," Bolduan said.

"I want to know what Tom Perez is doing," Bolduan continued.

She pointed out that Democrats criticized President Donald Trump for using foul language during his campaign, and that failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had an ad showing children watching clips of Trump using aggressive rhetoric.

When former Clinton staffer Keith Boykin mentioned Trump's language, Bolduan said that Perez is joining Trump.

"Going to get down in the muck with him now, apparently," Bolduan remarked.

"What else can you do?" Boykin asked.

Bolduan then asked the panel if Democrats currently have a strategy for countering Trump. CNN political analyst David Drucker said that many Democrats are trying to create strategies to fight Trump but have not established an over-arching message.

"You want to appeal to people that tend to vote Republican or voted for President Trump this time around, aren't sure if they're comfortable with him and you want them to feel comfortable in the Democratic Party. And you don't do that by accusing Republicans of purposely trying to hurt people," Drucker said.

"You could do that by saying Republican policies are hurting you, but when Chairman Perez, forget the expletive, says they're trying to hurt you, a lot of people that vote Republican are going to hear, 'Wait a minute, I've been voting Republican for years. We're not trying to hurt anybody,'" he continued.

Perez is far from the only member of the "Resistance" whose language has not been family friendly.

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