CNN: Is Hillary Being ‘Ham-Handed’ As a Candidate?

CNN discussed what a chyron described as "Hillary Clinton's long summer" during the "Inside Politics" segment of New Day Thursday, wondering if she's being "ham-handed" in her potential bid for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.

Of latest interest is Clinton's strong attempt to distance herself from a faltering President Obama, criticizing his views on Iran, Israel and Syria in an interview with The Atlantic. She also shredded the White House's "Don't do stupid stuff" theme as not being an "organizing principle" of foreign policy.

In Martha's Vineyard, Clinton gave brief, awkward remarks to the press Wednesday about what they had in common while pointing out they have disagreements.

"Is this ham-handed as a potential presidential candidate, how they've walked through this, or is it somehow cynically brilliant?" host John King asked.

"There are some old wounds here that are being opened up," said the Washington Post‘s Jackie Kucinich.

National Journal‘s Josh Kraushaar called Clinton's moves smart, given Obama's floundering poll numbers.

"She's hedging her bets on if she runs for president," said. "She knows that he is unlikely to leave office with high approval ratings. His foreign policy numbers are the worst they've ever been in his presidency."