CNN Commentator: If Trump Succeeds, 'America Fails'

November 15, 2016

Bill Press, a CNN commentator and liberal radio host, told CNN's Brooke Baldwin on Tuesday that he hopes President-elect Donald Trump fails while in office, adding that if he does succeed in his policy plans, then "America fails."

Baldwin asked Press about President Obama possibly being "too positive" about Trump and if the Republican deserves a chance to serve first before being judged.

Press did not agree. He explained that there is a difference between accepting the results of an election and "backing off," which is what he thinks Obama is doing by being "too positive."

"I am one of his critics," Press said. "You know, there's a difference between accepting the results of the election, which I believe is what all Americans have to do, accepting Donald Trump like it or not as our next president, which I think all Americans have to do, and um–and then backing off and not being willing to criticize some of the appointments that he has made."

Press said he was disappointed that Obama said he hopes Trump succeeds during his presidency.

"Particularly, Brooke, I was disappointed in two things," he said. "Number one, when the president, the day after, said we have to all hope that Donald Trump succeeds. I don't hope that Donald Trump succeeds. I hope he fails. I hope he fails at all the things he promised to do."

"I think if he follows through with throwing all these 12 million immigrants out of the country or putting a religious test for Muslims coming into this country or getting rid of the Paris Accord, and on down the list, if Donald Trump succeeds, America fails," Press continued. "So, I think the president was too soft–"

Baldwin interjected to ask if he really meant that he hopes Trump fails even though he was elected leader of the free world.

"Hang on, Bill," she said. "Let me just jump in because I hear you and I know, I know what is near and dear to you as far as issues, and so you want the President-elect Trump to fail on what you just outlined, but in general, as the leader of the, you know, the free world, do you want him to fail?"

Press did not answer the question but said that when it comes to his agenda, he hopes Trump fails.

Press said he hopes that Trump fails on "bombing the hell out of ISIS."

"On his agenda, the things that he promised to do," he said. "Again, foreign policy, bombing the hell out of ISIS, scuttling the Iran nuclear deal. I think all of those would be disasters for the United States. I want him to fail at what he promised to do."

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