CNN Host Calls Out Clinton Surrogate for Claiming She’s Attacked ‘Totally Without Cause’

• October 19, 2016 9:22 am


CNN host Chris Cuomo called out Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D., N.Y.) on Wednesday for saying Hillary Clinton has been continuously attacked by the right "totally without cause."

"But with cause or without cause?" Cuomo asked.

"Totally without cause," Jeffries said.

"Totally without cause," Cuomo repeated.

Rep. Chris Collins (R., N.Y.), a Donald Trump supporter, had been part of the discussion on CNN’s New Day until his feed dropped. Cuomo then decided to carry on the point Collins was trying to make.

"He’s making a point of advantage, which I will now make and not as gently as the congressman was just doing it," he said. "We’ve never seen a Democratic nominee be disliked or untrusted the way Hillary Clinton is. Why are those not disqualifying flaws for the electorate?"

Jeffries fought back and said that Clinton has been beaten up by the right wing for over thirty years due to her heavy presence in public life.

"Well because she’s been beaten up for more than 30 years as a first lady of the United States of America, United States senator, secretary of state, two-time presidential candidate. She’s been subjected to attack after attack from the right wing," Jeffries said.

Cuomo then asked if the attacks were warranted, to which Jeffries said they were not.

"Well, Chris, she made a mistake and she has acknowledged it," Jeffries said, referring to Clinton’s email scandal.

"That's the cause, congressman," Cuomo responded. "The email server, her choice. Wrong. Arguably illegal. Her choice, cause, not without cause," he said.

Jeffries reiterated that Clinton acknowledged her mistake.