CNN: 'Heads Exploding' In VP's Office Over Reports WH Is Prepping Hillary Staff for 2016

Hamby: Biden 'just wants a little bit of respect'

CNN reporter Peter Hamby said a report out of today's Wall Street Journal concerning White House staff planning for a possible Hillary 2016 run must be causing consternation in Vice President Biden's office Wednesday on New Day.

The Journal's story indicated White House chief counsel John Podesta is trying to organize meetings between Clinton and White House staff to prepare for her eventual campaign.

John King brought up the report in reaction to Clinton's remarks yesterday in Canada concerning her presidential ambitions .

The New Day anchor asked Hamby if the White House's alleged actions are a "slap" at Vice President Biden.

Hamby said "it certainly seems like it," adding Podesta's behind the scenes meddling is just the latest instance of Obama personnel disrespecting Biden as he ponders a 2016 run.

"This is heads exposing in the vice president's office," he said.

"It's not just Podesta. Remember Jim Messina, top presidential adviser recently left to advise a Super PAC that will ostensibly be supporting a presidential campaign for Hillary Clinton. That rankled Biden and his allies. Look, Biden, we don't know if he wants to run but he is certainly keeping his name in the conversation and I think he just wants a little bit of respect. And this has to really -- this really has to stick in his craw, I think."

Julianna Goldman of Bloomberg News added the WSJ report further hurts Biden because it distracts from his trip to Eastern Europe where he met with several nations over Russia's incursion into Crimea.

Hamby concurred, replying "Clinton gets all the attention right now, Biden does not."

(H/T Mediaite)