CNN Corrects Clinton Surrogate’s Spin of Hillary Email Scandal

• August 29, 2016 8:35 pm


CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer corrected Hillary Clinton's surrogate Lanny Davis on Monday when he tried to spin FBI Director James Comey's words regarding Clinton and how she mishandled classified emails as secretary of state.

Blitzer showed a clip of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's new ad accusing Clinton of "lying" about her private emails server. After showing the clip, Blitzer cites that Clinton has a 51 percent unfavorable rating according to a new Monmouth University Poll.

"Her lead narrowing a bit over Donald Trump. Hasn't she done a disservice to herself by not giving more information on this whole private server on these email issues. If you were advising her now, and you have been engaged in damage control for a long time, what would you tell her to do?" Blitzer asked.

Davis fired back at Blitzer that he needed to get his facts straight, saying Comey said Clinton never saw any markings on emails signifying that they were classified.

"James Comey said and confirmed that no email marked classified occurred and that Hillary Clinton did not see at the time any markings," he said. "At one point CNN reported that that wasn't true, that Mr. Comey had found markings. Then at the Congressional hearing CNN was contradicted and I was there the day that this report went out that Mr. Comey himself said, ‘No they were badly marked with a little c,' and no expert would have recognized."

Blitzer interjected and corrected Davis on Comey's statements regarding the classification of the emails.

"Let me interrupt you. Lanny, he did say three emails did have the letter c for classification as you know. He also said a lot of the other emails, Lanny, that weren't marked classified were in fact classified including some at the highest levels of classification. He also said that," Blitzer said.

Davis said that he respected Blitzer, but he accused him of leaving out second part of Comey's quote where Comey said that experts would not have recognized that little ‘ c' marking the emails as "classified"

"Lanny, why did he say she was negligent and extremely careless?" Blitzer asked.

Davis responded by calling Comey's assessment an "opinion" and that he did not agree with Comey's comments regarding her carelessness.

Davis has been a loyal Clinton supporter since his tenure as "special counsel" to former president Bill Clinton. Over a year prior to Comey calling Clinton "extremely careless" with her handling of her private email server, Davis blasted a MSNBC anchor, saying she did nothing wrong.