CNN Commentator Screams, Gloats Over Omarosa Manigault Leaving White House

December 13, 2017

CNN political commentator Angela Rye screamed and gloated on Wednesday about the news of Omarosa Manigault-Newman, director of communications for the White House Office of Public Liaison, leaving the White House.

CNN host Brooke Baldwin had Rye, White House reporter April Ryan and former Bernie Sanders campaign communications director Symone Sanders on to discuss the drama behind Omarosa leaving the Trump administration.

Ryan and Sanders recounted times that the former "Apprentice" contestant confronted them and how Manigault often created drama.

"So while, again, I'm no fan of Omarosa," Sanders said. "I will say that I find it interesting that ... the high drama, high-profile African-American individual in the White House is no longer to be tolerated. But there are lots of other problematic, high-drama individuals that still have jobs."

Rye entered the discussion by gloating at Manigault being forced out at the White House.

"Brooke, I'm going to do what you can't do, and what April and Symone are too good of people to do and that's just be petty for a minute," Rye said, then continued to scream. "Bye girl. Bye. We did it already on the podcast, April. Bye honey, you have never represented the community. You are skin folk. We don't own you like Zora. Goodbye. Good riddance. Goodbye. Deuces."

"I don't delight in anyone's demise," Ryan interjected.

"I'm not delighting in her demise, I wish her the best, but aw," Rye said as she screamed again.

"I can just speak for myself, maybe some other folks, that folks weren't necessarily sad to see Omarosa go today," Sanders said.

Ryan added she expects President Donald Trump to send out a tweet, thanking his outgoing aide for her work.