CNN: Clinton Wouldn’t Answer if She’s a ‘World-Class Liar’

• June 22, 2016 1:08 pm


Shortly after Donald Trump gave a speech slamming Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, CNN reported that Clinton refused to say if Trump's accusation that she is a ‘world class liar’ is accurate.

Clinton has been dogged by accusations that she has not been truthful with the American people or the media.

CNN co-host Kate Bolduan asked Jeff Zeleny, CNN’s senior Washington correspondent, about Clinton's upcoming speech. Zeleny said Clinton would probably respond to Trump's accusation at the speech, because she did not answer earlier on Wednesday.

Transcript below.

KATE BOLDUAN: Hillary Clinton will be speaking today. She'll be laying out what she says will be the two of her one-two punch from yesterday to today on hitting Trump on the economy. She'll be laying out her vision for economic success. What are the concerns that Hillary Clinton-land needs to be looking at in this speech that just happened?

JEFF ZELENY: Today is designed, that speech in North Carolina to talk about her plans but it is going to be fascinating to see if she's not going to be tempted to respond to this speech directly about Donald Trump. That was the topic of yesterday's speech in Ohio and today is supposed to be about what she would do. But I can't imagine her not responding at all to this.

BOLDUAN: We did see her actually, during the speech, she was on Capitol Hill, leaving a meeting of House Democrats and someone asked her to respond to the fact that he called her a liar, a ‘world-class liar. She said, ‘great to see you all,’ so she didn't respond in that moment, but I can not imagine she'll let that opportunity slip by.

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