Clinton Surrenders to Yet Another Coughing Fit

April 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton gave in to her nagging cough during a radio interview with The Breakfast Club Monday, battling her itchy throat for a full minute.

The fit began with a light cough that Clinton attempted to alleviate with a sip of water.

When host Angela Yee asked Clinton whether her gender would be an issue in dealings with foreign governments, however, the former secretary of state could not contain her urge any longer.

"Well, I don’t think so. There is a lot of oppression against women that we have to address," Clinton said and coughed.

"Excuse me, sorry," she said and blamed her cough on allergies.

"Allergy season," Clinton said and reached for her water cup. "How do you guys do it?"

Her cough was such that host DJ Envy offered Clinton CPR.

"Do you need mouth-to-mouth, CPR? Are you alright?" he said.

Host Charlamagne tha God said Clinton’s cough sounded like she had been smoking medical marijuana.

"Senator, you’re coughing like you got some medicinal," he said.

Clinton laughed and lamented that she didn’t have any.

"Yeah, I need some," Clinton said and laughed into her water cup. "Excuse me."

She carried on with the interview despite her hoarse voice.

"My voice is failing here," Clinton said between gasps.

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