Clinton Says Running for and Being President Means Being ‘Literally Brutalized’

Hillary Clinton on Thursday said running for and being president means being "literally brutalized."

While discussing her book, Clinton talked about the challenges of running for office in the United States as opposed to those in parliamentary democracies. Clinton said anyone can run for president.

"Then you have to go out and you have to talk to the entire country," Clinton said.

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A chief criticism of Clinton's 2016 campaign was that she avoided many parts of the United States, including rust belt states that had traditionally voted for Democrats.

Clinton later said how hard running for president and being president were.

"You have to go through the gauntlet that American presidential campaigns are," Clinton said. "Now I think there are some benefit to that because it is the hardest job in the world, or at least it used to be the hardest job in the world and it, and you have to be prepared for what it means to be literally brutalized."

"The things that will be said and the way you will be treated, it just kind of goes with the territory," Clinton continued.