Clinton: No One Signed Off on My Use of a Personal Server

October 16, 2015

Just after a townhall in Keene, New Hampshire, CNN's Jake Tapper caught up with Hillary Clinton. Tapper asked her who had signed off on her use of a personal server during her time as secretary of state.

"It was allowed under the rules of the State Department," Clinton said.

Politico reported that the State Department had a policy in place since 2005 that is against the use of personal email to conduct official business.

Tapper questioned if she was concerned about the secruity on the server while it was not housed in the State Department but in a bathroom in Colorado. Clinton said that she was not concerned.

When asked if the State Department gave her permission Clinton said no and that it was allowed. Clinton deflected and said that her predecessors had done the same thing and added that other high ranking members of the federal government used personal servers and personal emails.

Clinton blamed the attention and questions about her server were because the rules had been changed when she left the State Department.

Tapper asked Clinton if it ever occured to her if any of the emails she had received from Sid Blumenthal or others contained any sensitive information. Clinton brushed off the comment by saying Blumenthal was not a government employee.

"It would be like you sending me something," Clinton said.

Blumenthal had been barred by the Obama administration from working in the federal government.

Later in the interview Tapper asked if he could have Clinton's new email address, Clinton laughed at the question and said sure. Tapper later said that he never got Clinton's email address.