Clinton Camp Tells Ed Henry He Didn’t Get to Ask Hillary a Question Because He Asked Her One Last Month

Clinton supporter offers Henry box of tissues in attempt at humor

• June 16, 2015 10:56 am


Fox News correspondent Ed Henry revealed Tuesday why he wasn't able to ask Hillary Clinton a question at her press conference on Monday, where his visible frustration was reported by the Washington Free Beacon.

According to Henry, Clinton’s press secretary told him that he had already gotten to ask Clinton a question in Iowa, referring to Henry asking the candidate if she would ever acknowledge the press.

Henry pointed out that on May 19 he did not get to ask a legitimate policy question but merely inquired whether reporters would get the opportunity to do so.

"I didn't get a question. I said ‘Secretary Clinton, are you going to come back here or not?’ She came back to take questions," Henry said. "That was not exactly a question, that was a request for [her to] come back and actually talk to the media."

On that day, Clinton took five minutes to answer questions after ignoring the media for 40,150 minutes.

Fox News’ top correspondent insisted he would not allow the Clinton campaign’s bizarre tactics to stop him from doing his job.

"People will think I was angry and I was whining. No. We're covering this campaign as fairly as anybody," Henry said. "And we're going to be there every step of the way and if the Clinton campaign doesn't want to call on us I’m just going to keep on pressing until they do."

Following Ed Henry, David Goodfriend, former deputy staff secretary to Bill Clinton, brought out a box of tissues to make fun of Henry and tell him not to cry about not getting to ask Clinton a question.

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