ABC: Clinton Campaign Bracing For a Loss in Wisconsin

April 5, 2016

Even as Hillary Clinton's campaign says that its delegate lead is almost impossible to catch up to, the team is preparing itself for a loss in Wisconsin, ABC reports.

Cecilia Vega reported Tuesday for Good Morning America that Clinton is "bracing for a loss in Wisconsin" and on how Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) taunted the Clinton camp this week.

"She’s already under a lot of pressure," Sanders said. "So, don’t tell her this, but I think we win here, we win New York, and we’re on the way to the White House."

Vega quoted an e-mail sent out by her campaign the night prior to the polls opening in Wisconsin.

"Now Hillary Clinton faces a stark reality," she said. "Overnight her campaign sent this fundraising email to supporters saying, "We could lose Wisconsin … Tomorrow’s primary is going to be a tough fight."

Vega pointed out that even though Bill Clinton has been out in Wisconsin campaigning on his wife's behalf, this does not seem to be enough to stop Sanders. She is campaigning in New York, where she served as a U.S. Senator for eight years, because it’s "a state she cannot afford to lose."

The polls in Wisconsin opened Tuesday morning.

However, the hard feelings between the two presidential candidates did not end there. Squabbling over the next debate between the two candidates has created added tension. The campaigns finally agreed Monday to meet for a debate in Brooklyn on April 14. The location is significant for both candidates, as Sanders hails from the borough and Clinton's campaign headquarters are there.

Vega explained that even though there was another debate scheduled, the Sanders campaign bickered that in order to make this event, Sanders had to cancel a rally to "accommodate Secretary Clinton's jam packed high dollar coast-to-coast fundraising." Sanders' campaign had also accused Clinton of "stalling" before the April 19 New York primary.