Clinton Bashes 'Troubling' Electoral College as 'Odd System'

May 25, 2018

Hillary Clinton continued to attack the Electoral College system used to elect U.S. presidents on Friday, calling it an "odd system" and contrary to the idea of "one person, one vote."

"I know this is another really obvious thing to say. Vote in every election, not just presidential elections," Clinton said at Harvard University, in a clip flagged by NTK Network. "You know, it is maddening because one of the panelists said we get the government that we vote for. Now, we have this odd system with the Electoral College."

Clinton defeated Donald Trump in the popular vote by nearly three million votes in the 2016 presidential election, but she only won 227 electoral votes to Trump's 304 en route to her defeat. Trump won 30 states and dominated the middle of the country, while Clinton won handily on the coasts and ran up huge margins of victory in California and New York.

Clinton called the roots of the Electoral College system "a little troubling."

"But nevertheless, we've got it. I've been against it, by the way, since 2000," Clinton said. "Not that you need to know that ... I have been, because I just think it is absolutely contrary to 'one person, one vote.'"

Clinton said last year that the system needs to be eliminated.

"I think it needs to be eliminated. I'd like to see us move beyond it, yes," she told CNN host Anderson Cooper.