Charlie Crist: Losing 50,000 Florida Jobs To Raise Minimum Wage Is ‘Worth It’

"It’s worth it."

That was the response Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist gave Tuesday in regard to Floridians losing jobs if the minimum wage was raised to President Obama's suggestion of $10.10 per hour.

CNN’s Jake Tapper, who moderated Tuesday’s gubernatorial debate between Crist and Gov. Rick Scott (R), said raising the minimum wage would cost Florida 50,000 jobs.

One Florida business owner, Joanne Marsh, said she would be forced to lay off one of her 17 employees if the minimum wage became $10.10.

"What is your message to that one employee who would be laid off?" Tapper asked. "Why is it worth it?"

"Well, the reason I think it’s worth it is because people deserve it," Crist said.

Florida voters named job creation as their No. 1 issue of concern.

Recent polls show Crist and Scott tied.