CBS on Democrats Ending Shutdown: 'This Is a White House Victory'

January 22, 2018

A CBS News report declared President Donald Trump the winner of the shutdown fight after Senate Democrats joined Republicans to fund the government.

Senate Republicans and Democrats clashed over the weekend over whether the GOP-backed continuing resolution should protect illegal immigrants who entered the country as children. But on Monday, Democrats agreed to pass the funding bill without any immigration provisions attached, ending a shutdown that lasted less than three days.

Offering his analysis in the aftermath of the deal, CBS Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett opined that the battle was "won largely on President Trump's terms."

"Many Democrats watching this process from the sidelines are asking out loud, ‘What was the point of a three-day shutdown?’" reported CBS Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett.

Garret reported that the Democrats tested their strength and engaged in a "high-risk strategy" by pursuing the government shutdown, but had now "relented [and] accepted nearly all White House terms."

"So this can only in the moment be seen as a victory for President Trump on the shutdown issue itself and the attendant politics around it," Garrett concluded.

"Whether or not he wins and prevails on the immigration debate to come is still an open question, but for now, this is a White House victory."