CBS: Clinton 'Too Busy Ignoring Reporters to Insult Them'

August 31, 2016

CBS reporter Nancy Cordes highlighted Hillary Clinton's aversion to press conferences Wednesday morning, contrasting her with Donald Trump by saying "she's generally too busy ignoring reporters to insult them."

Clinton's press conference drought has stretched more than 260 days and become a point of criticism from Trump on the campaign trail. MSNBC noted this week that Trump has done 17 news conferences in 2016 to Clinton's zero.

After playing clips of Trump's testy exchanges with reporters during the campaign, CBS showed Clinton pretending not to hear reporters' questions about sensitive subjects.

"His combative approach is a far cry from Clinton's," Cordes said. "She's generally too busy ignoring reporters to insult them."

Cordes noted Clinton took eight questions at a journalism forum earlier in August, but she stumbled on questions about her email server, at one point admitting that she "short-circuited" during an appearance on Fox News Sunday.

In an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper last week, Clinton struck a defensive tone about avoiding the conferences, saying, "Well, Anderson, I'm talking to you right now." She added he should "stay tuned" and expect more ways she would be available to the media.

Clinton returns to the campaign trail Wednesday after holding more than 20 fundraisers over the past two weeks, with celebrities on the east and west coasts, that netted her and the Democratic Party more than $30 million.