Carter: U.S. is 'The Most Warlike Country on Earth'

June 30, 2015

Former President Jimmy Carter referred to the United States as the most "warlike country on Earth" last week during an interview with the nonprofit Aspen Institute.

"I think the American superpower goal should be to the champion of peace, and to be the champion of human rights, and to be the champion of the environment and to be the most generous nation on Earth," he said. "Those are the elements that I hope eventually the United States will set as goals. We are the most warlike country on Earth. We are laggard in addressing the problem of global warming, for instance, and we are now violating about ten of the 30 paragraphs in the universal declaration of human rights, so I think this is something we should look upon as our duties for the future."

In the interview uploaded June 23, Carter also recommended the U.S. step back from what he called an "unquestioned domination" of world events.

"This may not be a good thing to say to a group of Americans, but I think the historical trend is for the United States to relinquish its unquestioned domination of the world's politics and economy and cultural influence," he said.

[H/T Oren Kessler]

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