Boxer Calls Comey Announcement an ‘October Betrayal’

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D., Calif.) called FBI Director James Comey's announcement that the bureau was again investigating Hillary Clinton's private email server an "October Betrayal" on Monday.

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell asked Boxer about Comey's announcement on Friday that he was reopening the Clinton email probe and the fact that Comey was unlikely to respond to requests from mainly Democratic members of Congress for more information about the investigation to clarify his letter to Congress. Mitchell noted that there is little time before the election on Nov. 8.

Boxer was not pleased with Comey's actions.

"Well, I think that's just plain wrong," Boxer said. "Mr. Comey, who Democrats supported when he came in, he has a wonderful record in the past. [He] has really not just leveled an October surprise, I call it an October betrayal of long-standing FBI protocol and Department of Justice protocol that you don't weigh in with something like this a few days away from an election."

Boxer went on to say that she also wanted Comey to release a report before the election on Donald Trump being directly connected to the Russian hackings of Democratic email accounts. There is no public proof that Trump is connected to the hackings.

"It's not fair," Boxer added.