Bloomberg: What in God's Name Are the Clintons Doing?

February 19, 2015

The Clintons’ decision to allow the Clinton Foundation to accept donations from foreign countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman has puzzled several political experts.

Hillary Clinton’s self-inflicted wound has many asking what is going on in her camp. Republicans will launch attack ads linking the foreign nations to Clinton.

"What in God’s name are the Clintons doing?" Mark Halperin said on Bloomberg Thursday.

Foreign entities appear to have found a loophole through the Clinton Foundation to buy influence with her potential administration.

Halperin said that while the contributions are legal, they are "sketchy."

"The Clintons have always had a fondness for money," John Heilemann said. "Their desire to be well-funded–in a campaign context and in a philanthropic context–often leads them to just be blind to where the money is coming from and what mechanisms they use to raise it. That’s historically true of the Clintons."

Clinton should know the implications of accepting foreign money, as she has been preparing her run for president for years. Halperin said that the former secretary of state will have to examine this decision if she loses in 2016.

"If Hillary Clinton loses and is not president, I think she will look back on decisions like this and ask why: ‘Why did I give paid speeches? Why did I take money from foreign governments?’" Halperin said.