Bill Clinton Mocks Sanders’s Peace-Loving, Revolutionary Image

Bill Clinton tore into the Sanders campaign Sunday at an event in New Hampshire, mocking Sanders’s anti-establishment, pro-revolution platform.

The former president slammed the Sanders campaign as shady and untrustworthy, despite their peace-loving image and Sanders’s high authenticity numbers. Clinton said that Sanders manipulated endorsements of Hillary Clinton to his advantage and rejected critics as anti-establishment.

"Bernie took what they said good about him and put it in under all these endorsements, except they didn't endorse," Clinton said. "But if you pointed out, just shows you how tied you are to the establishment."

He then mocked Bernie Sanders’s core campaign idea that America needs a political revolution.

"I mean, when you're making a revolution, you can't be too careful about the facts. You're just for me or against me," Clinton said and the crowd laughed.

He pinned the December breach of the Clinton campaign’s voter database in October on the Sanders campaign, and said that Sanders's apology was two-faced.

"It was your campaign that made 25 separate inquiries in the mere space of 30 minutes, trying to loot information out of computers," Clinton said. "They said, ‘we apologize for that.’ Yeah, in public they did."

He said that while the Sanders campaign tried to blame the Democratic National Committee for the breach, they were actually guilty of stealing.

"In private they sent an email out complaining, blaming the Democratic Party for leaving the keys in the car. ‘All I did was drive it off,’" Clinton said.

Since getting in trouble for making aggressive remarks about then-opponent Barack Obama in 2008, Clinton has toned down his rhetoric when stumping for Hillary. His remarks Sunday, however, represent a marked escalation in rhetoric.