Bill Clinton Creeps on Daughter of Guy Who Tried to Buy New York Senate for Dems

Bill Clinton creeps on daughter of John Catsimatidis / Twitter


A picture of Bill Clinton with the daughter and wife of New York City's grocery store king John Catsimatidis exploded on Twitter last night, for very obvious reasons.

The Catsimatidis family has long been close with the Clintons. John Catsimatidis raised more than $750,000 for Hillary Clinton's failed presidential bid in 2008, and often lets both Bill and Hillary fly around the country on his private jet.

Catsimatidis also got involved in a scheme orchestrated by fellow Clinton ally New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to circumvent campaign finance laws and buy control of the New York state Senate for Democrats.

At the request of de Blasio, Catsimatidis cut a big check along with other big donors to the little-known Putnam Country Democratic Party. As a political action committee, it has a far higher contribution limit than exists for individual candidates yet can contribute unlimited funds to whoever it wants.

Catsimatidis said he was not promised anything in return by de Blasio. He noted that they have been close friends ever since de Blasio's stint as Hillary Clinton's campaign manager in 2000.

Also, here is an older picture of Bill Clinton with the Catsimatidis family. He is standing next to the same daughter.

Catsimatidis family with Bill Clinton / The Greek Reporter, Dimitrios Panagos

Catsimatidis family with Bill Clinton / The Greek Reporter, Dimitrios Panagos

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