Clinton Foundation Donor Blacks Out Bernie Sanders’ Attendance at Golden State Game 7

TNT hides Sanders' appearance from viewers

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders hands a guy a shoe / AP

Bernie Sanders was at Oakland's Oracle Arena on Monday night for the NBA's Western Conference finals game seven between the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder, but the millions of people watching the game on television had no idea because TNT never mentioned him.

California's Democratic primary is next week, and Sanders needs to win to have any chance of beating Hillary Clinton. Game seven was going to be one of the most watched basketball games of all time, given that Saturday's game between the same teams broke ratings records and was watched by nearly 15 million people.

Images of Sanders sitting among the Warriors fans could have been broadcasted to millions—but TNT, which is owned by Clinton Foundation donor Turner Broadcasting, did not cooperate.

Sanders was not mentioned once by TNT during the game or during its lengthy post-game coverage of the event, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

Turner Broadcasting is owned by Time Warner, also a Clinton Foundation donor.

Sanders supporters have long complained about a "Bernie blackout" from the media, pointing to the fact that both Clinton, and to an even greater degree, Donald Trump, get much more coverage than Sanders. Earlier this year they held a large rally outside the California headquarters of CNN, also owned by Time Warner, and then complained that their rally was not given coverage by the network.

Some Sanders supporters, such as In These Times associate editor Micah Uetricht, were upset that his attendance at the game wasn't shown by TNT.

He wasn't the only one who noticed.

Twitter user Daisy Barringer pointed out the absurdity of TNT showing obscure rapper E40 multiple times while ignoring Sanders.

She also pondered how the situation would have turned out if Clinton showed up out of the blue at a major sporting event to sit in the crowd.

Sanders is virtually tied with Clinton in recent California polls.

Turner Broadcasting did not immediately respond to a request for comment.