Ben Carson Walks Off During CNN Interview to Find His Luggage

September 4, 2016

Dr. Ben Carson walked off in the middle of a live CNN interview on Saturday because he needed to find his luggage, The Hill reports.

Carson, a supporter and adviser for Donald Trump, was in front of his childhood home in Detroit, Michigan. Trump paid a visit there after making his first official campaign speech in front of a majority black audience. According to CNN, he spoke in front of Great Faith Ministries to discuss lifting up African Americans suffering economic hardship.

Speaking with reporter Jeremy Diamond, Carson discussed the importance of Trump seeing the blighted areas of Detroit, which has undergone economic woes over the past few decades.

"In order for our country to be great again, every aspect has to be great, including our inner cities," Carson said.

"And we just saw Mr. Trump here. I asked him, 'How did it go,' and he said, 'Great' and he said he learned a lot of things," Diamond said. "What do you think he took away from today?"

The doctor suddenly looked mildly horrified.

"Oh! My—my luggage. Hold on," he said, and he strolled away.

Diamond chuckled.

"OK. Looks like Dr. Carson is going to try and find his luggage, and he'll be right back with us," Diamond said.