Andrea Mitchell: Hillary Clinton Can Still 'Re-Introduce Herself to New Hampshire Voters'

February 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton famously won the New Hampshire primary in 2008. Her husband launched his political comeback to win the Democratic nomination in 1992 with a strong showing there. Mrs. Clinton has been in the national spotlight for more than two decades.

Yet, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell incredibly said Thursday on The Today Show that Clinton had an opportunity to "re-introduce herself to New Hampshire voters" at Thursday night's MSNBC debate between her and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), implying that maybe voters don't know Clinton well enough.

"Trying to narrow the gap here, but counting on blunting Sanders' momentum three weeks from now in South Carolina, where Bill Clinton was already campaigning Wednesday night," Mitchell said. "And tonight's debate is really Hillary Clinton's last chance to re-introduce herself to New Hampshire voters, who are so far overwhelmingly supporting Bernie Sanders from neighboring Vermont."

Sanders sports a large lead in the New Hampshire polls, and he's coming off a virtual tie with Clinton in the Iowa caucuses Monday night, a strong showing for the self-described Democratic socialist.

Despite Clinton being First Lady for eight years, serving in the U.S. Senate for eight years, serving as U.S. Secretary of State for four years, and now running for president a second time, her campaign and media allies have consistently atoned for her poorer-than-expected showings by suggesting she can still "re-introduce herself."

In June, Clinton "re-launched" her campaign with a speech in New York, despite having announced her candidacy for the presidency two months earlier.