America Rising Video Shows Down-Ballot Democrats Struggling to Defend Clinton's Honesty

October 25, 2016

A new compilation video from America Rising PAC shows down-ballot Democrats from around the country struggling to defend Hillary Clinton's honesty and trust issues on the campaign trail.

"Democrats have a Hillary Clinton problem ... her untrustworthiness," the video states at the beginning.

The video then splices together various clips of Clinton commenting on the Clinton Foundation, her private email server, and other scandals that have hurt her presidential bid, and Democrats struggling in interviews and debates to defend their party's nominee.

The first Democrat is Floridian Charlie Crist, who is laughed at by a crowd when he calls Clinton honest. Then, North Carolina's Deborah Ross cannot defend Clinton while answering a debate question, which is followed by Russ Feingold in Wisconsin praising the former first lady.

Jacky Rosen in Nevada is shown dodging a question on Clinton's honesty, while Florida's Patrick Murphy defends Clinton by saying that she has apologized for her email server. In a debate in Arizona, Ann Kirkpatrick also dodges when asked about Clinton's honesty. Ted Strickland in Ohio blames Clinton's trust issues on how long she has been in the public eye.

New Hampshire Gov. and Senate candidate Maggie Hassan is then shown in a CNN interview dodging a direct question on whether she believes Clinton is honest. CNN's Jake Tapper laughs about how Hassan would not answer the question.