Acosta Implies Foul Play After His CNN Feed Cuts Out: 'We Won't Read Into Why We Lost Connection There'

April 3, 2018

CNN correspondent Jim Acosta lost his connection with the studio during his report on a White House press conference Tuesday, and he appeared to suggest there was a nefarious reason for it.

Acosta, who has become a White House bête noire due to his frequent testy interactions and complaints about not getting questions, spoke with Wolf Blitzer following Trump's joint press conference with Baltic State leaders. Trump at one point encouraged a fellow leader to call on a reporter from a Baltic country instead of a "fake news" American media member.

"It was a pretty remarkable exchange as you saw there at the very end," Acosta said. "The president was egging on the president of Latvia to call on a Baltic reporter, not one of the U.S. reporters who were clamoring to get that final que—"

The feed then cut out, and Blitzer returned to his guests in the studio. Less than two minutes later, the feed was re-established, and Acosta made a cryptic remark.

"I think we've re-established communications with Jim Acosta, our chief White House correspondent," Blitzer said. "Jim, you were making a point when all of the sudden we lost that connection. Go ahead."

"That's right. We won't read into why we lost connection there just a few moments ago," Acosta said, before delving into the news that came out of the press conference, such as Trump claiming no one had been tougher on Russia than him.

It was unclear what he meant by his statement, although he was in the midst of criticizing the White House when the feed was lost.