In Less Than 90 Seconds, Trump Says He Hates, Loves, and Thanks the Media

April 20, 2016

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump offered a series of alternative takes on one of his favorite targets, the media, during a Wednesday rally in Indiana.

In a span of less than 90 seconds, Trump said the press consisted of "the most dishonest people in the world," then said that he loved them, and then pointed out his campaign might not be in first place if not for its coverage.

Fresh off a resounding victory in the New York primary that extended his delegate lead in the Republican primary race, Trump described the media's coverage of how he's handled protesters at his rallies as inconsistent.

"You can't win with these people. Look at all those cameras zooming," Trump said, gesturing to the assembled press in the back of the rally. "They are the most dishonest people in the world. The media. They are the worst. They are the worst. They are very dishonest people."

The Indianapolis crowd jeered loudly.

"They are terrible," Trump said. "Honestly, and I don't mean all, but I mean like 75, 80 percent. And they know it, they know."

These are not stupid people, Trump said, but "they're very dishonest people, in many cases."

"Do we like the media?" he asked.

"No!" the crowd shouted.

"Do we hate the media?" he asked, gesturing his arms for people to cry in the affirmative.

"Yes!" the crowd yelled.

"OK, no, I don't hate anybody. I love the media. They're wonderful," Trump said, as the audience laughed appreciatively.

"I guess we wouldn't be here, maybe, if it wasn't for the media, so maybe we shouldn't be complaining," Trump added, in a nod to the constant coverage of his campaign.

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