Elizabeth Warren's Out-of-State Fundraising Haul

Only 20 percent of itemized contributions to Warren came from Massachusetts

Sen. Elizabeth Warren / Getty Images
July 20, 2017

Nearly four out of every five dollars that Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren (D.) reported last quarter came from donors outside of her home state, according to a recently filed campaign fundraising report.

An analysis of Warren's most recent filing to the Federal Election Commission, which covers campaign activity during the three months from April through June, found that just over 20 percent of the money Warren raised through reported individual contributions came from Massachusetts.

Only $178,648, or 21.8 percent, of Warren's $821,007 fundraising haul came from Massachusetts, according to the analysis. $642,359 came from individuals living outside the state.

The analysis only covers contributions that were itemized on the report by the campaign, which does not have to report contributions from individuals that gave less than $200.

Warren bragged on Twitter shortly before filing that the campaign had tallied "nearly 9,400" contributions from Massachusetts. Only 2,196 of those contributions were itemized on the report.

The bulk of Warren's out-of-state fundraising came from the liberal bastions of California, New York, and Washington, D.C., which combined made up just over 30 percent of the itemized contributions to Warren's campaign.

Included in the list of Warren's California donors is Hollywood actress Melanie Griffith, who recently called for President Donald Trump to be impeached.

Also donating from California was recording artist Jackson Browne, who, like Warren, often rails against big business and has said he would love to write for liberal magazine The Nation.

Warren's office did not respond to requests for comment on her fundraising.

Her campaign has ramped up fundraising efforts as she prepares to defend her seat next November. Warren ended the quarter with over $11 million in her campaign war chest.