US Says Iran Helping Build Drone Factory in Russia

Vladimir Putin, Ali Khamenei / Wikimedia Commons
June 9, 2023

Iran is reportedly shipping materials to Russia to help in the construction of a drone-making factory outside Moscow, the Biden administration claimed.

New intelligence released by the White House on Friday details the construction of a plant the Biden administration believes could be operational next year and produce drones for use in Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Moscow has relied on Iranian-made drones for many of its attacks in the war. The Biden administration also released photographs it claims show the location the plant "will probably be built," the Associated Press reported.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Friday that the administration believes Iran is continuing shipment of drones to Russia, while Iran says it has not provided new weapons since the start of the war.

Iranian weapons have been deployed consistently in Ukraine in the last several months. Iran agreed to ship more missiles and drones in October 2022; Russia attacked Kyiv that same month with Iran-made drones.

The development also comes after an investigation found universities in the United Kingdom have helped the Iranian government to improve its drone and fighter jet technology.

Eleven British schools, including the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London, conducted at least 16 studies with connections to the Iranian regime's use of military technology. The technology that U.K. scientists have developed has likely been used in Iranian weapons deployed in Ukraine.

The Biden administration leveled sanctions last week on Iranian officials for planning assassinations of figures, including some in the United States. The Iranian government also recently unveiled a new missile it says can get through Israel's defenses.

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