Trump Announces He'll Visit Flood-Ravaged Texas as Soon as Possible

President Donald Trump / Getty Images
August 27, 2017

President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday he would visit Texas as soon as possible without causing disruption, as the southeastern part of the state deals with catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

At least five people are dead as of Sunday morning, according to the latest reports, after the hurricane slammed into the Gulf Coast of Texas. Now a tropical storm, Harvey is pounding Houston with rainfall and several feet of flooding is expected for days.

"I will be going to Texas as soon as that trip can be made without causing disruption. The focus must be life and safety," he wrote.

Trump praised the coordination between various agencies to deal with the damage and rescue people, saying the efforts to save people were "going well."

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R.) praised the federal government's response to the hurricane during his Sunday show appearances, saying the Trump administration had provided everything the state needed.

In a busy morning on Twitter, Trump also confirmed a trip to Missouri to discuss his push for tax reform, insisted Mexico would pay for the southern border wall and declared Mexico and Canada were being "very difficult" in NAFTA negotiations, writing, "may have to terminate?"

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