Theresa May: Trump’s Victory Rooted in ‘The Hopes and Aspirations of Working Men and Women’

• January 26, 2017 6:51 pm


British Prime Minister Theresa May made it clear during her foreign policy speech to Republican lawmakers in Philadelphia on Thursday that she hopes to forge a strong relationship with President Trump.

"It is in our interests–those of Britain and America together–to stand strong together to defend our values, our interests, and the very ideas in which we believe," May said.

Although the two leaders have different opinions on some policies–May does not agree with the use of torture, for example, while Trump believes it is an effective tool–Britain's leader said they will be able to find common ground. May highlighted the importance of the NATO alliance, which Trump has frequently criticized, saying member states must work to protect each other.

"We should build the relationships, systems, and processes that make cooperation more likely than conflict," she said. "And that, particularly after the illegal annexation of Crimea, give assurance to Russia’s neighboring states that their security is not in question."

May, like Trump, is also open to communicating with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but added that they must "engage and beware."

May, the leader of the Conservative Party, had warm words for the Republicans present, and said she looks forward to working with Trump.

"As dawn breaks on a new era of American renewal," she said, "not just as prime minister of the United Kingdom, but as a fellow conservative who believes in the same principles that underpin the agenda of your party–the value of liberty, the dignity of work, the principles of nationhood, family, economic prudence, patriotism–and putting power in the hands of the people."

"And your victory in these elections gives you the opportunity to put [these values] at the heart of this new era of American renewal," May continued. "President Trump's victory, achieved in defiance of all the pundits and the polls, and rooted, not in the corridors of Washington, but in the hopes and aspirations of working men and women across this land."

May is set to meet Trump at the White House on Friday.

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