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South Korea Buys New Israeli-Made Missile Detection Systems

The Green Pine radar dish
The Green Pine radar dish / Getty Images

South Korea announced on Tuesday that it had purchased new Israeli radar systems designed to detect incoming missiles, according to a Times of Israel report.

The $292 million purchase by South Korea was for two Green Pine radar detectors, which are manufactured by state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries. South Korea already owned earlier versions of the Green Pine radar detectors, but updated technology gives the system increased detection range and the ability to work in tandem with South Korea's missile defense system to intercept incoming projectiles.

The purchase comes amid improved relations between South Korean president Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-Un's regime in North Korea. Earlier this year in April, Kim became the first North Korean leader since 1953 to cross into South Korean territory. The two have held two summits since, and have agreed in broad terms to ease tensions along the border.

The Times of Israel reports that South Korea did not mention North Korea in its announcement of the new missile detection system.

The transportable ground-based radar system maintain operability in the presence of enemy signals and all weather-conditions, according to its Israeli manufacturer.