Senor: ‘Gulf’ Between Netanyahu and Obama ‘Red Lines’ on Iran

• March 20, 2013 8:08 pm


Co-founder of the Foreign Policy Initiative Dan Senor said reconciling "red lines" on Iran's nuclear program will be a focal point of meetings between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu Wednesday on "The Kudlow Report":

LARRY KUDLOW: Quickly on that before I go to Martin, I want to get to Syria too, what about Netanyahu's red line regarding the Iranian nuclearization in Iran? What about that red line? Last September at the U.N. Netanyahu said it was spring or summer, that deadline is approaching, what happens there Dan?

DAN SENOR: There's a gulf, there's a delta here between what the prime minister what he has articulated as his red line last fall and what the president said a just few days ago in an interview on Channel 2 in Israel where he said we have a about year. So that is where I think a lot of discussions that are happening now will crackle that's what's going to be happening in these meetings, is this difference between the two red lines. Now keep in mind the president says "don't worry" to Israel's leaders, as Martin said and the president said, I have your back, so even if you do not believe you have the capabilities to deal with Iran crossing what you perceive as your red line, we have the capabilities to do that. And if you noticed the prime minister sort of preempted that in his statement today with the president standing next to him, where he said United States is a great friend and Mr. president, you are a great friend, but even to great friends we cannot trust the fate of our security, so basically he's saying we may have to take matters into our own hands.

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