Schultz Reveals ‘Phase Two’ of Democratic Master Plan to Take Over Healthcare

Elect Hillary

• September 12, 2013 5:56 pm


Ed Schultz revealed "phase two" of the Democratic master plan to eventually turn the U.S. into a single payer healthcare system Thursday on MSNBC.

The plan, it turns out, is very simple: elect Hillary:

SCHULTZ: But, wait a minute, come on, liberals, come on Democrats, we have to think beyond 2014. There is this person out there with a lot of experience that thinking about running for president and I think her name is Hillary Clinton and she is also about universal healthcare. The Republicans know there is a political juggernaut that's on the way and if they don't stop Obamacare right now, if Hillary gets in, it is going to be phase 2, and I am all about it and you should be too. We are going to be taking the first step out of the wasteland towards universal healthcare. You have eight years of Obama and I will get optimistic, you have you eight years of Hillary Clinton or someone of like mind and you have a real good chance, America, to end up with universal healthcare and then there won't be any other industrialized countries in the world that have for profit. That's where we're going. That's what these guys are scared about. This is why they are trying to win in the arena of public opinion and take vote after vote after vote to make you think it is really bad. But what's going to happen a year from now and all of these positive stories are coming in through the mainstream media, about how lives were saved and how lives were changed and their signature isn't going to be on it, and they're trying to figure out how they're going to deal with this. So the hour glass has been turned on the wasteland. We're going to get there. Stay confident. We're going to get there.

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