Santelli Likens IRS Scandal, Obamacare Implementation to 'Soup Nazi'

'I personally think Benghazi and the IRS story will change healthcare'

CNBC host Rick Santelli said he believes the Benghazi investigation and the IRS scandal will reshape Obamacare implementation Monday on "Squawk Box."

Santelli emphasized that state officials in both the instances of Benghazi and the IRS story have illustrated they cannot be universally trusted, and thus turning over Obamacare enforcement to these same government officials could have dire consequences:

RICK SANTELLI: [...] Why are these appropriate? Because these questions are really a truth to power question. Pretty much most of America, they're good. They're people that do good things. Unfortunately when you are good you assume everybody is good. But that isn't the case. But the real issue is whether it's the IRS or Benghazi. It's very much the same. It's truth to power that we cannot assume because somebody says they're fair and honest as a politician or the fact that this is a day and age of information, of cameras, of databank, of profiles. There's people at your bank that call you up and try to sell you products because they know you have extra cash laying around. Everybody is getting into your information. But the government is different. I personally think Benghazi and the IRS story will change healthcare. They will change Obamacare. Why? Because it's one thing to have all your receipts and be called on the carpet and hassled, and prove you're innocent. It's another thing like "Seinfeld" when you walk in line and you need that stent and they say, "no stent for you!" because you back this group, you have these thoughts, you live in this area. This is going to change the involvement of government and the IRS enforcement originally designed in Obamacare. That's my thought for the day. Carl, back to you.